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Comprehensive consultation ensures the Practitioner accurately identifies the medical condition, injury, or chronic pain to determine the specific protocol for Medical Massage treatment.


Pregnancy - 60 mins

Pre-natal massage to ease the pains of labor, specifically the lower back, shoulders and aching feet. Foster a calm baby by becoming a relaxed mother; massage is healthy for both.

Pregnancy - 90 mins

Initial consultation to alleviate high-risk factors. Then receive a 60 minute Swedish massage to relax those tired, aching sore areas. Followed by a 15 minute foot scrub to soften those heels to restored beauty.

Reflexology - 60 mins

Feeling tired and sluggish? Need a recharge to your energy? Try reflexology to revive your reflex zones and boost blood flow to your whole body by working the feet.

Shiatsu - 60 mins

Emotional baggage weighing you down? Try Shiatsu Massage to release those unprocessed or compounding stressors. Circulate good vibes and finally energize the muscles.

Shiatsu - 90 mins

Bodywork designed to get to the root of the aches and pains by using eastern medicine and stretching to release the body. An inviting twist to the traditional Swedish Massage which balances the emotions and cleanses the mind.

Signature Spa Massage

Begin your day with our Black Baltic Sea Back Mask, Total Body Aromatherapy Exfoliation for ultimate skin health which prepares the body for massage. Indulge in a luxurious 90 minute Swedish Massage session.

Sport - 120 mins

Enhance your workout regimen and training for competition by receiving fascial warming, integrated isolated stretching for the upper body and lower body (pre-event and post-event). Finish the session with a deep tissue massage to smooth the musculature and relax the joints improving performance.

Sport - 60 mins

(Active Wear Attire) Enhance your performance in between conditioning training. Receive isolated stretching of upper body or lower body and a Deep Tissue Massage to lengthen muscles to restoration.

Sport - 90 mins

(Active Wear Attire) An extended stretching opportunity of the upper and lower extremities and concluding with a firm Swedish Massage to balance the body for the next event.

Swedish - 120 mins

Indulge in an extended Swedish Massage session to melt away the monthly stress load.

Swedish - 60 mins

An hour of Swedish Massage to address the tensions, pains and rude traffic of life. Come in and float out relaxed.

Swedish - 90 mins

Add an additional 30 minutes for those stubborn areas that require increased attention.

Therapeutic/Deep - 30 mins

Upper extremity problems including lower back pain, shoulder pain, shoulder complications and neck pain. Each area is addressed with specific protocols restoring painless function.

Therapeutic/Deep - 60 mins

Treatment of the upper extremity and lower extremity addresses primary issues of pain. Joint pains are relieved and muscles are relaxed.

Therapeutic/Deep - 90 mins

The injury rehabilitative massage treatment for joint stabilization, scar tissue realignment and neuromuscular therapy for upper body and lower body.

Chocolate Covered Strawberries

Enjoy 2 hours of sweet indulgences. Unwind by soaking you feet in an aromatherapy upon arrival. Once your muscles have melted into the warm table, receive a revitalizing sea salt, heated parrafin wax treatment and finally moisturize the refreshed skin with a 60 minute Swedish or Deep Tissue Massage. *Served with chocolate covered Strawberries

First Time Guests- Welcome Aboard

Not sure which service you need? This is an introductory session used to assess your body for alignment, pain, muscle strain due to tension to determine which massage would be best for you.

Herbal Thai Ball Massage

Infuse hot herbal thai balls into your massage session to reduce tensions within the muscles. This is an experience you will begin to appreciate from the beginning.

Mother's Day Spa Massage

Mom Melts Over Massage! Gift Mom 90-minute Massage (Swedish or Therapeutic) and 15 minute Foot Scrub to say "I Love You" and 15-minute Black Baltic Back Mask to say "Best Mom Ever!"

Therapeutic Trio: 3 Deep Tissue Sessions

Triple Sixty: 3 Swedish Massage Sessions

Waterfall Therapeutic Membership- 6weeks


Exfoliation - Hydrating

Total Body Exfoliation to detoxify the skin and replenish dry rough skin cells.

Exfoliation - Vitamin C

Vitamin C Face Massage to revitalize and replenish the face to its ultimate glory. This service concludes with a hydrating massage to kiss the skin with moisture.

Black Baltic Back Mask

Heated Paraffin Treatment : Hands & Feet

Revitalizing Foot Scrub


Medical Massage
Medical - 30 mins

Two treatment areas or regions of the prescribed ICD-10 diagnosed condition. CPT 97124 CPT 97140

Medical - 45 mins

One upper body treatment and two lower body treatments of ICD-10 diagnosis per prescribing physician. CPT 97124 CPT 97140

Medical - 60 mins

Two upper body regions and two lower body regions or areas to treat for the ICD-10 diagnosed medical condition per prescribing physician. CPT 97140


Wellness Membership
Flourish Annual Member Plan

The "Most Popular" Flourish plan is for the extemely active, labor-intensive workers, and those juggling multiple arenas at once. Each member is entitled to a complimentary foot soak, a choice of Aromatherapy Body Butter and never pay full price. 24 massage sessions, twice each month to conquer the continuum of stress.

Flourish Semi-Annual Member Plan

Enjoy 12 massage sessions to heighten your wellness regimen. Two massage each month for 6 months ensures decompression after the unyielding demands of life.

Wave Annual Member Plan

Manage stress once a month by receiving nurturing, comfort, and a tranquil escape from reality all year.

Wave Semi-Annual Member Plan

You deserve an oasis of relaxation and pain relief. This member plan allows for exactly that for 6 months, once a month. Join now.