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Comprehensive consultation ensures the Practitioner accurately identifies the medical condition, injury, or chronic pain to determine the specific protocol for Medical Massage treatment.

First Time Guests- Welcome Aboard

Not sure which service you need? This is an introductory session used to assess your body for alignment, pain, muscle strain due to tension to determine which massage would be best for you.


Shiatsu - 60 mins

Emotional baggage weighing you down? Try Shiatsu Massage to release those unprocessed or compounding stressors. Circulate good vibes and finally energize the muscles.

Signature Spa Massage

Begin your day with our Black Baltic Sea Back Mask, Total Body Aromatherapy Exfoliation for ultimate skin health which prepares the body for massage. Indulge in a luxurious 90 minute Swedish Massage session.

Sport - 60 mins

(Active Wear Attire) Enhance your performance in between conditioning training. Receive active isolated stretching of upper body or lower body and a Deep Tissue Massage to lengthen muscles to restoration.

Sport - 90 mins

(Active Wear Attire) An extended stretching opportunity of the upper and lower extremities and concluding with a firm Swedish Massage to balance the body for the next event.

Swedish - 60 mins

An hour of Swedish Massage to address the tensions, pains and rude traffic of life. Come in and float out relaxed.

Swedish - 90 mins

Add an additional 30 minutes for those stubborn areas that require increased attention.

Therapeutic/Deep - 60 mins

Treatment of the upper extremity and lower extremity addresses primary issues of pain. Joint pains are relieved and muscles are relaxed.

Therapeutic/Deep - 90 mins

The injury rehabilitative massage treatment for joint stabilization, scar tissue realignment and neuromuscular therapy for upper body and lower body.

Therapeutic Trio: 3 Deep Tissue Sessions

Therapeutic Massage sessions of three. Alignment deviations, chronic pain, adhesions that restrict full ROM and scar tissue development are addressed in this trio program. Trigger point therapy, MFR and heat infusion are combined for the optimal results in each session to return you to normal functionality without the constant pain.

Triple Sixty: 3 Swedish Massage Sessions

The client will receive 3 Swedish Massage therapy session to alleviate the weekly tensions and increase relaxation responses. Soft tissue manipulation floods blood circulation throughout the body to restore calm energy.


Medical Massage
Medical - 30 mins

One-Two treatment areas or regions of the prescribed ICD-10 diagnosed condition. Common Chronic Conditions include: Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Bursitis, Rotator Cuff Strain & Sciatica.

Medical - 60 mins

Two upper body regions and two lower body regions or areas to treat for the ICD-10 diagnosed medical condition per prescribing physician. Common Chronic Conditions include: Neuropathy, Fibromyalgia, Low Back Pain & post-Op Surgical Procedures.

Manual Lymphatic Drainage

This service is designed to remove fluid retained in the body due to a suppressed immune system function, low blood circulation or congested lymphatic system. Bacteria and fluid waste will be manually flushed to the lymphatic ducts for faster recovery which should boost blood circulation, the immune system and restore normal bodily functions.


Wellness Membership
Flourish Annual Member Plan

The "Most Popular" Flourish plan is for the extemely active, labor-intensive workers, and those juggling multiple arenas at once. Each member is entitled to a complimentary foot soak, a choice of Aromatherapy Body Butter and never pay full price. 24 massage sessions, twice each month to conquer the continuum of stress.

Flourish Semi-Annual Member Plan

Enjoy 12 massage sessions to heighten your wellness regimen. Two massage each month for 6 months ensures decompression after the unyielding demands of life.

Wave Annual Member Plan

Manage stress once a month by receiving nurturing, comfort, and a tranquil escape from reality all year.

Wave Semi-Annual Member Plan

You deserve an oasis of relaxation and pain relief. This member plan allows for exactly that for 6 months, once a month. Join now.


Spa Treatments
Exfoliation - Vitamin C

Vitamin C Face Massage to revitalize and replenish the face to its ultimate glory. This service concludes with a hydrating massage to kiss the skin with moisture.

Black Baltic Back Mask

Add this spa treatment caveat to your massage therapy session. The Black Baltic Back Mask is infused with the most active minerals from the Black Sea designed to purify the skin on your back. Recommended for back acne, irritable skin conditions, sunburn and especially dry skin. Prior to the mask, the client will receive a Sea Salt Exfoliation to remove dead skin to unveil the true skin.

Revitalizing Foot Scrub

Rejuvenate the hard working, tired aching feet by treating them to an exhilarating foot exfoliation. Soak your feet in our Lavender Rose Aromatherapy Soak to relax and calm the nerves of the feet. This treatment then sheds that exterior surface of skin with our Sea Salt scrub removes unwanted impurities from the skin. Your feet will then receive a cocoon of protective moisturizing butter to balance the daily wear and tear for the week.

3 Facial Radiance Treatments

Unveil Your Inner Glow! Put Your Best Face Forward By receiving 3 facial radiance treatments which cleanse the skin, exfoliates with our vitamin c micro-refiner, receive a "face lift" experience in massage with TMJ care emphasis, sinus sweep and luxurious moisturizing lotion to protect your new radiance.

Back Brilliance

Treat your back acne and problem skin concerns with our triple purification treatment with 3 sessions. The Black Baltic Mask has harvested minerals from the Black Sea that target bacteria and thick, dry skin. Encourage healthy regeneration and a smooth clean, slate to balance your skin tone. This treatment is excellent for youth and prepares the body for a relaxing massage therapy session.


Health-Specific Contour Series
European Rose Silk Wrap

Wrap yourself in luxurious skin! Exfoliate to unveil your truest skin with dry brushing. Following an application of detoxifying mineral based European Rose mud will be allowed to upset embedded waste from the skin cells over a period of 30 minutes. This wrap insulates the client and nurtures them into a deep relaxation, which unravels the joint capsules of the shoulders and hips ideal for the massage that follows; loosening the muscles attached at the joints. The conclusion of this service is the luxuriously hydrating body luxe moisturizer that leaves the skin silky smooth.

Sea Tonic Contour Wrap

Take the ultimate care of your skin. Exfoliate the total skin with a dry brushing method boosting the immune system and stimulating blood circulation. Application of the Sea Tonic Contouring serum and wrap for 50 minutes to tone and tighten the muscles.

It's A Wrap-Cascades

The ultimate in body contouring wraps series. This series includes 3 sea tonic contour wraps followed by 3 lymphatic drainage massage sessions and 3 massage lift sessions. Schedule your wrap, flush and lift sessions today!

It's A Wrap-Essentials

It's Officially Here! The body contouring service includes all three wraps. The client will receive a detoxifying wrap initially to eliminate any impurities from the skin and body, then the sea tonic wrap which firms the skin to fit the muscles beneath like a glove, and finally the ultra-hydrating body wrap nourishes the skin and body. Each wrap is a 75 minute service.

It's A Wrap-Streams

This health-specific body contouring series includes 3 sea tonic wraps followed by a 30 minute lymphatic massage. Wrap & Flush! Key areas in the body that are congested with lymph are the ankles, knees, and cervical. This service flushes fluid waste boosting the immune system and blood circulation. Each service is 95 minutes.